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EMCORE Corporation is a leading provider of advanced Mixed-Signal Optics products that provide the foundation for today’s leading-edge defense systems and high-speed communication network infrastructures. Our optical chips, components, subsystems and systems enable broadband and wireless providers to continually enhance their network capacity, speed and coverage to advance the free flow of information that empowers the lives of millions of people daily. The Mixed-Signal Optics technology at the heart of our broadband transmission products is shared with our fiber optic gyros and military communications links to provide the aerospace and defense markets state-of-the-art systems that keep us safe in an increasingly unpredictable world. EMCORE’s performance-leading optical components and systems serve a broad array of applications including navigation systems and military communications, cable television, fiber-to-the-premise networks, telecommunications, data centers, wireless infrastructure and satellite RF fiber links.
EMCORE's target customers include aerospace and defense industry customers including military and government contractors, cable television equipment systems providers, telecommunications optical networking and wireless infrastructure suppliers, data centers, satellite communications systems and service providers and other leading electronics, communications and fiber optics industry firms.
EMCORE's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol EMKR. The CUSIP number for EMKR common stock is 290846104. The CUSIP number is a nine-character number that uniquely identifies a particular security. CUSIP is an acronym for the Committee on Uniform Securities and Identification Procedures, the standards body which created and maintains the classification system. Foreign securities have a similar number, called the CINS number.
The number of shares common stock outstanding as of September 30, 2019 was ~28M.
EMCORE's initial public offering took place on March 11, 1997.
EMKR does not sell shares directly to the public, but EMCORE shares may be purchased through your stockbroker or other registered broker.
EMCORE declared a two-for-one stock split effective September 25, 2000. On February 15, 2012 EMCORE completed a 4:1 reverse stock split.
Electronic versions of EMCORE's SEC filings are available on this website at SEC filings and also at
Electronic versions of EMCORE financial information are available on this website at Financial information and also on at EMCORE Corporation (EMKR) Company Financials
The Company has announced a special dividend on July 6, 2016 to distribute $1.50 per share payable on July 29, 2016 to shareholders of record as of July 18, 2016. The company does not have a DRIP. For information on the special dividend please read the Press Release and IRS Form 8937 as filed 9.9.16.
EMCORE's independent auditors are KPMG LLP, 20 Pacifica 700 Irvine, CA 92618, 949-885-5400 Voice, 949-885-5410 Fax
EMCORE's stockholders with questions about lost stock certificates, name changes, etc., should contact EMCORE's transfer agent and registrar, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, 718-921-8380.
EMCORE's fiscal year end is September.
EMCORE's recorded earnings webcasts are available on this website at Investor Conferences & Presentations
EMCORE's headquarters is located at:

EMCORE Corporation
2015 Chestnut Street
Alhambra, CA 91803 USA
Tel: 626-293-3400
Fax: 626-293-3428

EMCORE also has offices around the world, for a full list of these locations, please visit our Contact Us page
We were established in 1984 as a New Jersey corporation.
EMCORE's number of employees varies, but is currently approximately 500.
For information on product support please visit our Support web page.
For product manuals please visit our Support web page and select your product support category to direct your inquiry to the appropriate department.